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The landscape of the World Wide Web today consists of a vast amount of services. While most of them are offered for free, the service providers prohibit their malicious usage by automated scripts. To enforce this policy, Captchas have emerged as a reliable method to setup a Turing test to distinguish between human and computers. Image recognition Captchas(More)
Enterprise or group data warehouses are often introduced in complex multinational organizations in order to foster harmonization, integrate heterogeneous source systems and hide the heterogeneity from analytical systems. Industry reference data warehouse logical data models such as Tera-data's FS-LDM or IBM's BDW are promoted as accelerators for the(More)
Data warehouse (DWH) systems play an important role in the IT landscapes of today's enterprises. In order to cope with the complex transformation processes and big data volumes, they have to be supplemented by metadata. Two main uses of such metadata are data lineage analyses, allowing data elements within the DWH to be traced back to their origin, and(More)
There is a lot of activity over the internet. Be it, posting a comment on someone's blog or making a Gmail account or booking a ticket online. But with that also comes the problem of spamming. " Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart " (CAPTCHA) [8] which are the twisted words that block the entries of bots on website.(More)
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