Andreas Reichert

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BACKGROUND The epidemiology of head lice infestation is poorly understood. Many schools treat all children with nits as though they are contagious. Children with nits but no lice are often removed from school until they are treated and all visible nits are removed. OBJECTIVE To investigate the probability that children with nits alone will become infested(More)
Master data management (MDM) is defined as an application-independent process which describes, owns and manages core business data entities. The establishment of the MDM process is a Business Engineering (BE) tasks which requires organizational design. This paper reports on the results of a questionnaire survey among large enterprises aiming at delivering(More)
BACKGROUND Relatively little is known about the long-term psychopathological and psychosocial outcome of early-onset schizophrenia. The existing literature describes more severe courses of illness in these patients compared with adult-onset schizophrenia. This article reports preliminary data of a study exploring the outcome of early-onset schizophrenia(More)
This survey documented self-reported health and safety behaviors of parents of children enrolled in Head Start programs. The sample consisted of eight preschool programs (n = 1143) from different geographical areas of the country. This survey obtained baseline data on parent self-reported behavior as it relates to priority issues in child health and safety.(More)
Parent trainings constitute an effective method to target aspects of parenting in child and adolescent psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care. Past research has mainly been conducted in outpatient contexts, with parents of children with externalizing disorders and often included only small sample sizes. The aim of the current study was first to assess the(More)
The management of master data (MDM) plays an important role for companies in responding to a number of business drivers such as regulatory compliance and efficient reporting. With the understanding of MDM's impact on the business drivers companies are today in the process of organizing MDM on corporate level. While managing master data is an organizational(More)
This article describes how N.Y.P.E.N. (Nurses' Yearly Program for Educational Needs) meets nurses' learning needs and satisfies educational requirements in an 8-hour program that uses a variety of learning methods facilitated by an interdisciplinary group of instructors. Devoting an entire day (away from the nursing units) to learning sessions has proved to(More)
In our paper, we evaluate the impact of a mobile assistive technology (MAT) that may increase the self-sufficiency and autarky of end users and informal caregivers in aspects of costs of care and quality of life. The focused mobile assistive system aims at reducing the patient’s probability to need inpatient care. We use a Markov model that encompasses(More)
Published items in each year Citations in each year Total number of citations 3300, average citations per paper 29.2, h-index 32. valuing the effects of river restoration. Journal of Applied Ecology. In review. The importance of biotic interactions for the prediction of macroinvertebrate communities under multiple stressors. Functional Ecology. In review.(More)
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