Andreas Rehfeldt

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Chloride channels of the ClC family are important for the control of membrane excitability, cell volume regulation, and possibly transepithelial transport. Although lacking the typical voltage-sensor found in cation channels, gating of ClC channels is clearly voltage-dependent. For the prototype Torpedo channel ClC-0 (refs 11-15) we now show that channel(More)
Membrane hyperpolarization normally activates the slow gate of the Torpedo voltage-gated chloride channel (ClC-0). To elucidate the structural basis of this process, carboxy terminus truncation mutants and chimeras were constructed, expressed in Xenopus oocytes, and evaluated using a two-microelectrode voltage clamp. Introduction of stop codons at several(More)
" Smarter Planet " oder " Smarter Neighborhood " [SIE12, CIS12]. In der studentischen Projektgruppe ALISE (Advanced Live Integration of Smart City Environments) wird in Kooperation mit IBM Research Dublin eine Smart City-Anwendung für die Simulation einer Beispielstadt erstellt. Die " A Smarter Planet "-Initiative von IBM versucht verschiedene Sensordaten(More)
The properties of three different recombinant hepatitis B virus core proteins expressed in Escherichia coli were compared: an N-terminal fusion protein, a C-terminally truncated protein and a sequence-authentic protein. All three proteins assembled into capsid-like particles with typical HBc-antigenicity, sedimentation behavior and distinctive electron(More)
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