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In anin vitro study, proscillardin A was found to be rapidly inactivated at low pH. More than 50 per cent of its activity, measured by86Rb assay, was lost after incubation for 15 minutes at pH 1 and 37° C. Compared with proscillaridin, the rate of inactivation of digoxin was lower in these experiments. The rapid inactivation of proscillaridin might be of(More)
Proscillaridin A was given in single oral doses (1.5-2.5 mg) to normal and achlorhydric subjects. Plasma activities of the glycoside were analysed by 86Rb-technique. The absorption pattern was similar in both groups. A marked first peak of proscillaridin activity was seen after about 30 min. After a first minimum, a second peak of activity was registered(More)
The plasma concentration of proscillaridin was measured by a modified86Rd method during treatment with multiple doses of a commercial preparation of proscillaridin. Despite high doses, very low plasma levels were found, and there were only minute amounts of glycoside activity in urine and faeces. Administration of an enteric-coated proscillaridin(More)