Andreas Podelski

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Proof rules for program verification rely on auxiliary assertions. We propose a (sound and relatively complete) proof rule whose auxiliary assertions are transition invariants. A transition invariant of a program is a binary relation over program states that contains the transitive closure of the transition relation of the program. A relation is(More)
We show how to attack the problem of model checking a C program with recursive procedures using an abstraction that we formally define as the composition of the Boolean and the Cartesian abstractions. It is implemented through a source-to-source transformation into a ‘Boolean’ C program; we give an algorithm to compute the transformation with a cost that is(More)
LIFE is an experimental programming language proposing to integrate three orthogonal programming paradigms proven useful for symbolic computation. From the programmer’s standpoint, it may be perceived as a language taking after logic programming, functional programming, and object-oriented programming. From a formal perspective, it may be seen as an(More)
Software model checking with abstraction refinement is emerging as a practical approach to verify industrial software systems. Its distinguishing characteristics lie in the way it applies logical reasoning to deal with abstraction. It is therefore natural to investigate whether and how the use of a constraint-based programming language may lead to an(More)
We show that constraint logic programming (CLP) can serve as a conceptual basis and as a practical implementation platform for the model checking of infinite-state systems. CLP programs are logical formulas (built up from constraints) that have both a logical interpretation and an operational semantics. Our contributions are: (1) a translation of concurrent(More)
We show that Constraint Logic Programming CLP can serve as a conceptual basis and as a practical implementation platform for the model checking of in nite state systems Our contributions are a semantics preserving translation of concurrent systems into CLP programs a method for verifying safety and liveness properties on the CLP programs produced by the(More)