Andreas Petrovic

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PURPOSE T2 quantification with multiecho sequences is typically impaired by the contribution of stimulated echoes to the echo decay due to B1 + inhomogeneity and slice profile effects. In this work, a compact signal model based on the generating functions approach, which accounts for both sources of error, is presented. METHODS The generating functions(More)
A numerical method for speech analysis has been developed. The method is based on sounds spectrograms as carriers of information about individual voice characteristics. The effects on speech sounds caused by alterations of the oral cavity dimensions with complete dentures of different morphology were analysed. Different positions of upper incisors and(More)
The functional roles of different habitats may depend on the combined effect of local habitat management and the structure and composition of the surrounding landscape. However, this interaction is not well understood due to the common practice of pooling many different habitat types in one simple landscape metric (e.g., percentage crop area). In this(More)
  • P Baumann, T Widek, Merkens H Boldt, Jakse N, Diwoky C, Liebmann D +30 others
  • 2016
Automatic high‐speed video glottis segmentation using salient regions and 3D geodesic active contours. The auditory ossicles as a DNA source for genetic identification of highly putrefied cadavers. Int J Legal Med, DOI: 10.1007/s00414‐015‐1177‐3 (2015) Urschler M, Grassegger S and D. Stern. What automated age estimation of hand and wrist MRI data tells us(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the visualisation of novel external fiducial skin markers in photography and MRI. To co-register photographs and MR images, and additionally assess the spatial accuracy of these co-registrations with the view of future application in the investigation of forensically relevant soft tissue lesions. METHODS AND MATERIALS Strand-shaped(More)
A model-based reconstruction technique for accelerated T2 mapping with improved accuracy is proposed using undersampled Cartesian spin-echo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data. The technique employs an advanced signal model for T2 relaxation that accounts for contributions from indirect echoes in a train of multiple spin echoes. An iterative solution of(More)
The contribution of runoff from various land uses to stream channels in a watershed is often speculated and used to underpin many model predictions. However, these contributions, often based on little or no measurements in the watershed, fail to appropriately consider the influence of the hydrologic location of a particular landscape unit in relation to the(More)
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