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We calculate the pressure in QCD with two and three light quarks on a lattice of size 16 3 × 4 using tree level improved gauge and fermion actions. We argue that for temperatures T > ∼ 2T c systematic effects due to the finite lattice cutoff and non-vanishing quark masses are below 15% in this calculation and give an estimate for the continuum extrapolated(More)
In order to evaluate the prophylactic effect of oral magnesium, 81 patients aged 18-65 years with migraine according to the International Headache Society (IHS) criteria (mean attack frequency 3.6 per month) were examined. After a prospective baseline period of 4 weeks they received oral 600 mg (24 mmol) magnesium (trimagnesium dicitrate) daily for 12 weeks(More)
We calculate the string tension, deconfinement transition temperature and bulk thermodynamic quantities of the SU(3) gauge theory using tree level and tadpole improved actions. Finite temperature calculations have been performed on lattices with temporal extent N τ = 3 and 4. Compared to calculations with the standard Wilson action on this size lattices we(More)
This multicentre, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel group dose-ranging study compared the efficacy and tolerability of four doses of sumatriptan nasal spray (2.5, 5, 10 and 20 mg) with a placebo, in the acute treatment of a single migraine attack. In total, 544 patients received the study medication as a single spray in one nostril, to(More)
This paper discusses a methodology for quickly investigating problem areas in semiconductor wafer fabrication factories by creating a model for the production area of interest only (as opposed to a model of the complete factory operation). All other factory operations are treated as " black boxes ". Specific assumptions are made to capture the effect of(More)
We analyze the latent heat and surface tension at the SU(3) deconfinement phase transition with tree level and tadpole improved Symanzik actions on lattices with temporal extent N τ = 3 and 4 and spatial extent N σ /N τ = 4, 6 and 8. In comparison to the standard Wilson action we do find a drastic reduction of cutoff effects already with tree level improved(More)
We discuss the flavor dependence of the pressure and critical temperature calculated in QCD with 2, 2+1 and 3 flavors using improved gauge and staggered fermion actions on lattices with temporal extent Nτ = 4. For T > ∼ 2Tc we find that bulk thermodynamics of QCD with 2 light and a heavier strange quark is well described by 3-flavor QCD while the transition(More)
This study aimed at examining the efficacy of lymphatic drainage (LD) and traditional massage (TM) in the prophylactic treatment of migraine using controlled prospective randomized clinical trial of 64 patients (57 women, 45 ± 10 years) with migraine with and without aura. Patients were randomized into three groups: LD (n = 21); TM (n = 21); waiting group(More)