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A crucial assumption in the optimal auction literature has been that each bidder's valuation is known to be drawn from a single unique distribution. In this paper we relax this assumption and study the optimal auction problem when there is ambiguity about the distribution from which these valuations are drawn and where the seller or the bidder may display(More)
INTRODUCTION The correction of hypovolemia with acellular fluids results in acute normovolemic anemia. Whether the choice of the infusion fluid has an impact on the maintenance of oxygen (O₂) supply during acute normovolemic anemia has not been investigated so far. METHODS Thirty-six anesthetized and mechanically ventilated pigs were hemodiluted to their(More)
punto de partida para considerar versiones más complejas del VRPPD. We address the Vehicle Routing Problem with pickups and deliveries (VRPPD) with a heuristic approach. We consider the one-to-one problem (see, e.g. Berbeglia et al. [6]) where a particular precedence must be satisfied by a pair of origin-destination clients. Formally, let G = (V, E) be an(More)
Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the view of the National Poverty Center or any sponsoring agency. We are also grateful for helpful comments from Sheldon Danziger, Michael Foster, seminar participants in the Cornell University Human Development Brown(More)
Children of educated mothers fare better on a variety of educational outcomes. However, little research has been done on the effects of human capital investments undertaken by mothers with children at home. Such investments have a theoretically ambiguous effect on child outcomes, since human capital investment reduces time spent with children but may have(More)
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