Andreas Nolle

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  • Andreas Nolle
  • The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  • 1998
The sinuous instability wave of a planar air jet is excited by localized acoustic flow across the nozzle. Phase velocity and the growth exponent are found from synchronous hot-wire measurements made beyond the excited region, where the profile is approximately sech-squared. In the observed range of scaled radian frequency, 0.02-1.33 (the stability limit),(More)
There are many case studies for which the formulation of RDF constraints and the validation of RDF data conforming to these constraint is very important. As a part of the collaboration with the W3C and the DCMI working groups on RDF validation, we identified major RDF validation requirements and initiated an RDF validation requirements database which is(More)
In recent years the core of the semantic web has evolved into a conceptual layer built by a set of ontologies mapped onto data distributed in numerous data sources, interlinked, interpreted and processed in terms of semantics. One of the central issues in this context became the federated querying of such linked data. This paper presents the federated query(More)
Methods to design of formal ontologies have been in focus of research since the early nineties when their importance and conceivable practical application in engineering sciences had been understood. However, often significant customization of generic methodologies is required when they are applied in tangible scenarios. In this paper, we present a(More)
In the last years ontologies have been applied increasingly as a conceptual view facilitating the federation of numerous data sources using different access methods and data schemes. Approaches such as ontology-based data integration (OBDI) are aimed at this purpose. According to these approaches, queries formulated in an ontology describing the knowledge(More)
Reasoning with complex ontologies can be a resource-intensive task, which can be an obstacle, e.g., for real-time applications. Hence, weakening the constraints of soundness and/or completeness is often an approach to practical solutions. In this paper, we propose an extension of incomplete reasoning methods for checking the consistency of a large number of(More)
This paper presents Map-On, a web-based editor for visual ontology mapping developed at the Architecture, Representation and Computation research group of the La Salle at Ramon Llull University. The Map-On editor provides a graphical environment for ontology mapping creation based on the representation of mapping using an interactive graph layout. Thus, a(More)
In recent years a lot of effort has been put into research dealing with accessing relational data with the help of ontologies. Solutions related to this issue focus on the Ontology-based Data Access (ODBA) architecture. Therefore the family of DL-Lite formalisms and in particular DL-LiteA has been developed to enable ontology design for efficient processing(More)