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This paper presents a mathematical model capable of quantitative prediction of the state of the photosynthetic apparatus of microalgae in terms of their open, closed and damaged reaction centers under variable light conditions. This model combines the processes of photoproduction and photoinhibition in the Han model with a novel mathematical representation(More)
Microalgae are often considered a promising alternative for production of renewable energy, particularly as a potential producer of biodiesel. In order to improve largescale, industrial culturing systems, the development of mathematical models that are capable of predicting photosynthetic productivity under dynamic conditions is crucial. Especially(More)
Reliable quantitative description of light-limited growth in microalgae is key to improving the design and operation of industrial production systems. This article shows how the capability to predict photosynthetic processes can benefit from a synergy between mathematical modelling and lab-scale experiments using systematic design of experiment techniques.(More)
The syntheses, as well as the photophysical and electrochemical characterization, of two novel BODIPY-porphyrin dyads and their first application in lighting schemes are provided. The benefits ascribed to their unique features, namely (i) a good electronic alignment, (ii) a remarkable efficient energy transfer, and (iii) excellent film morphology, lead to(More)
Fig 2 is incorrectly duplicated from Fig 1 and Fig 3. The authors have provided a corrected version here. access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.
The development of mathematical models capable of accurate predictions of the photosynthetic productivity of microalgae under variable light conditions is paramount to the development of large-scale production systems. The process of photoacclimation is particularly important in outdoor cultivation systems, whereby seasonal variation of the light irradiance(More)
The development of mathematical models that can predict photosynthetic productivity of microalgae under transient conditions is crucial for enhancing large-scale industrial culturing systems. Particularly important in outdoor culture systems, where the light irradiance varies greatly, are the processes of photoinhibition and photoacclimation, which can(More)
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