Andreas Nettsträter

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The proposed concept of a Cellular Transport System shows the possibilities to increase the flexibility and changeability of facility logistics systems and enhances the ease of use of complex decentralized control systems. This contribution shows how to enhance these issues compared to conventional facility logistics systems, e.g. static conveyors, by using(More)
The aim of this paper is to show the concept of Cyber Physical Logistics Systems (CPLS). The individual parts are based on already existing solutions, either industrial products or research demonstrators both based on the concept of the Internet of Things. After listing new requirements and opportunities of these CPLS and the basic technology layers, a(More)
Schon heutelassensichdurch dieRFID-TechnologieInformationenge-taggter Objektem it dems prichwörtlichen " Fingertipp " erlangen. Umfassender nochi st dieV isionu biquitärer, selbstorganisierter Anwendungen: physischeO b-jektes indm ittels hochintegrierter Kleinstcomputer undS chnittstellen in der Lage, dieUmweltsensorischzuerfassen. Fragen nach einer(More)
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