Andreas N. Wicki

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The human blood platelet membrane glycoprotein Ib (GPIb) functions as a receptor for von Willebrand factor and thrombin. The gene (gpIb alpha) encoding the GPIb alpha-chain was cloned from a genomic cosmid library. The promoter region of this gene was characterized by sequencing two BamHI fragments including 2.8 kb of the 5' flanking region where several(More)
The gene for human platelet glycoprotein Ib alpha-chain has been cloned from a genomic cosmid library using a partial cDNA clone as probe. 3530 bp were sequenced including the entire transcribed part, as well as additional 5' and 3' regions. A single intron was found 6 bp upstream of the ATG initiation codon. An exceptionally long exon was identical to the(More)
Treatment of platelets with human leukocyte elastase causes a rapid loss in response to von Willebrand factor and a biphasic loss in response to thrombin, first rapid then more slowly. The rapid phase corresponds to cleavage of a 45-kDa glycopeptide from the extracellular end of membrane glycoprotein GPIb. Longer treatment removes 80-kDa and 90-kDa(More)
We report here the cloning of the cDNA coding for platelet connective tissue-activating peptide-III (CTAP-III) from a lambda gt11 expression library prepared using messenger RNA (mRNA) isolated from human platelets. The open reading frame of the clone coded for a protein with 128 amino acid residues. Since the precursor of CTAP-III, platelet basic protein(More)
The immunoserological finding "anti-HBc alone" is often observed in defined groups of individuals, such as patients with inflammatory hepatopathies, patients on hemodialyses or with organ transplants, i.v. drug users and homosexuals, but it also occurs in up to 1% of Swiss blood-donors. In order to gain further information about whether "anti-HBc alone"(More)
We have developed a purification method for the isolation of platelet-specific poly (A+) RNA and demonstrated that human blood platelets, despite the absence of a nucleus, contain stable mRNA. The poly (A+) RNA was used to construct a platelet-specific cDNA expression library in lambda gt11. The platelet derivation of the purified mRNA was confirmed by(More)
Liver disease is a common finding after organ transplantation and might in part be due to transmission of hepatitis C virus (HCV). The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of positive results with different anti-HCV tests and HCV-RNA in a local donor pool and to clarify to what extent HCV was transmitted to organ recipients. Serum samples from(More)
We have previously shown that platelet glycoprotein Ib is expressed in a minority of cells of the human leukemic cell line HEL (Tabilio, A., Rosa, J. P., Testa, U., Kieffer, N., Nurden, A. T., Del Canizo, M. C., Breton-Gorius, J., and Vainchenker, W. (1984) EMBO J. 3, 453-459). In this report, we have selected a stable HEL subclone with increased expression(More)
Human glycoprotein Ib (GPIb) is a major integral membrane protein on human blood platelets responsible for the initial attachment of platelets to the exposed vascular subendothelium. In this report we describe an isolation method for a 'GPIb complex' as well as for its individual components. A three-step procedure involving Triton X-114 phase-partition,(More)