Andreas Mitrakas

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The Incoterms, international commercial terms, offer a rare example of highly standardised terms for commercial transactions. In this paper we present a logical analysis of the Incoterms. Our analysis shows that there is a rich variety of different cases of deontic and defeasible reasoning in the Incoterms. Most of the rules in the Incoterms are expressed(More)
This chapter introduces the concept of privacy-enhanced identity management for e-services supporting the user's needs to protect their privacy and sensitive information. Business activities are increasingly based on the use of remote resources and e-services as well as on the interaction between different, remotely-located, parties. In this context, the(More)
The liberalisation of the energy market requires frequent online access to metering devices. That is not only necessary for exchanging meter data, but also for management reasons. The integration of strong security mechanisms is an essential requirement for the introduction of online meter device access. The project Secure Electronic Exchange of Metering(More)
Broadband communication networks have begun to spread rapidly over fixed networks , with wireless networks following at close distance. The excess capacity allows the offering of broadband services at competitive rates. Location-based services (LBS) over wireless broadband networks are becoming mainstream in an emerging ambient intelligence society. For LBS(More)
This chapter introduces the notion of trust as a means to establish security in ubiquitous mobile network systems. It argues that trust is an essential requirement to enable security in any open network environments, and in particular, in wireless ad hoc environments where there is no network topology. In such environments, communication can only be(More)