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  • M Alim, M Hecht, P Mayr, A Mertens, January
  • 2009
We use toric geometry to study open string mirror symmetry on compact Calabi–Yau manifolds. For a mirror pair of toric branes on a mirror pair of toric hypersurfaces we derive a canonical hypergeometric system of differential equations, whose solutions determine the open/closed string mirror maps and the partition functions for spheres and discs. We define(More)
  • M Alim, M Hecht, H Jockers, P Mayr, A Mertens, M Soroush
  • 2009
We perform a Hodge theoretic study of parameter dependent families of D-branes on compact Calabi–Yau manifolds in type II and F-theory compactifica-tions. Starting from a geometric Gauss-Manin connection for B type branes we study the integrability and flatness conditions. The B model geometry defines an interesting ring structure of operators. For the(More)
New sets of parameters (" tunes ") for the underlying-event (UE) modelling of the pythia8, pythia6 and herwig++ Monte Carlo event generators are constructed using different parton distribution functions. Combined fits to CMS UE proton–proton (pp) data at √ s = 7 TeV and to UE proton–antiproton (pp) data from the CDF experiment at lower √ s, are used to(More)
  • J Bützler, F Motz, A Mertens, H Horoufchin, C Bröhl, N Jochems +1 other
  • 2014
A trend can be observed towards grouping and shifting local operations to centralized remote lock operation centers (RLOCs) due to costs and limitations in personnel resources and the increasing automation level of technical systems. However, safety-critical activities still require active monitoring of processes by a human operator with help of adequate(More)
As a result of demographic change the average age of many western populations increases, accompanied with age-related disease patterns. Especially tremor symptoms rise accordingly, aggravating a barrier free interaction with information systems. In order to maintain a self determined lifestyle at home, new technologies and methods need to be introduced,(More)
  • Joachim Holtz, A Mertens, R Sommer, C Brunotte, J Holtz, B Beyer +8 others
  • 2010
where he is currently a Professor Emeritus and a Consultant. He has extensively published, among others, two invited papers in the PROCEEDINGS OF THE IEEE and 12 invited papers in other journals. He is the coauthor of four books and is the holder of 31 patents. Applications of medium voltage drives with IGBT three-level inverter, " in Proc. The trajectory(More)
describing the correlation between the tracheal aspirate (TA) and protected specimen brush (PSB) cultures in stable long-term ventilator-assisted patients with the clinical diagnosis of pneumonia. No pa¬ tient had received antibiotics for the preceding 5 days at the time of bronchoscopy or tracheal aspirate culture. In our study,1,2 we enrolled 61 acutely(More)