Andreas Meinel

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The effect of storage at - 80 degrees C for 1-28 days on the activity of 12 enzymes in intact liver tissue, liver extract and isolated hepatic microsomes was investigated. To find optimal conditions for tissue homogenization for this study the effects of three types of homogenization on the activity of 10 enzymes from different cell compartments were(More)
The molecular processes of particle binding and endocytosis are influenced by the locally changing mobility of the particle nearby the plasma membrane of a living cell. However, it is unclear how the particle's hydrodynamic drag and momentum vary locally and how they are mechanically transferred to the cell. We have measured the thermal fluctuations of a 1(More)
We propose a framework for building electrophysiological predictors of single-trial motor performance variations, exemplified for SVIPT, a sequential isometric force control task suitable for hand motor rehabilitation after stroke. Electroencephalogram (EEG) data of 20 subjects with mean age of 53 years was recorded prior to and during 400 trials of SVIPT.(More)
Phagocytosis, the uptake and ingestion of solid particles into living cells, is a central mechanism of our immune system. Due to the complexity of the uptake mechanism, the different forces involved in this process are only partly understood. Therefore the usage of a giant unilamellar vesicle (GUV) as the simplest biomimetic model for a cell allows one to(More)
As oscillatory components of the Electroencephalogram (EEG) and other electrophysiological signals may co-modulate in power with a target variable of interest (e.g. reaction time), data-driven supervised methods have been developed to automatically identify such components based on labeled example trials. Under conditions of challenging signal-to-noise(More)
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