Andreas Martin

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The blue copper protein hemocyanin from the horseshoe crab Limulus polyphemus is among the largest respiratory proteins found in nature (3.5 MDa) and exhibits a highly cooperative oxygen binding. Its 48 subunits are arranged as eight hexamers (1x6mers) that form the native 8x6mer in a nested hierarchy of 2x6mers and 4x6mers. This quaternary structure is(More)
On the basis of integral representations we propose fast numerical methods to solve the Cauchy problem for the stochastic wave equation without boundaries and with the Dirichlet boundary conditions. The algorithms are exact in a probabilistic sense. 1 Statement of the problem and integral representations Consider the stochastic wave equation ∂ 2 X ∂t 2 (t,(More)
NBTI degradation and recovery have been investigated for 7 to 50nm oxides and compared to a thin 2.2nm nitrided oxide. A wide regime of stress fields 2.5MV/cm to 8MV/cm has been covered. NBTI effect for the nitrided oxide is larger than for non-nitrided oxides. The percentage of threshold shift DeltaVth which is "lost" during a long measurement delay -(More)
We introduce a new approach supporting knowledge workers in sharing process-related knowledge. It is based on the insight that-while offering valuable context information-traditional business process modelling approaches are too rigid and inflexible to capture the actual way processes are executed. Therefore, business process models are made agile and open(More)
The work presented in this paper explores the potential of leveraging the traces of informal work and collaboration in order to improve business processes over time. As process executions often differ from the original design due to individual preferences, skills or competen-cies and exceptions, we propose methods to analyse personal preferences of work,(More)