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We have developed GPU versions for two major high-performance-computing (HPC) applications originating from two different scientific domains. GENE [1,2] is a plasma microturbulence code which is employed for simulations of nuclear fusion plasmas. VERTEX [3,4,5] is a neutrino-radiation hydrodynam-ics code for " first principles "-simulations of core-collapse(More)
The VERTEX code is employed for multi-dimensional neutrino-radiation hydrodynamics simulations of core-collapse supernova explosions from first principles. The code is considered state-of-the-art in supernova research and it has been used for modeling for more than a decade, resulting in numerous scientific publications. The computational performance of the(More)
We present a detailed theoretical analysis of the gravitational-wave (GW) signal of the post-bounce evolution of core-collapse supernovae (SNe), employing for the first time relativistic, two-dimensional (2D) explosion models with multi-group, three-flavor neutrino transport based on the ray-by-ray-plus approximation. The waveforms reflect the accelerated(More)
BACKGROUND The damage caused by cancer disease is multidimensional, affecting a patient physically, emotionally, and intellectually. A post-cancer documentation system is necessary that takes into account a patient's psychosocial well-being. With this objective in mind, the aftercare journal was developed for tumor diseases in otorhinolaryngology in the(More)