Andreas Mallouris

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OBJECTIVE Skin creases are features of major anatomical, morphological, surgical, and functional interest. This study focuses on the histological comparison of creases of the trunk and participation of the elastic fibers in their formation. The histological structure is a key consideration for the reconstructive planning of the relevant area and its(More)
Cutaneous wounds created by excision of primary cutaneous melanoma localized to the foot and ankle can be challenging to reconstruct. A wide range of coverage techniques are available for wound coverage. The techniques we have found useful in this regard include skin grafts and flaps, as well as specialized wound dressings. In this techniques report, we(More)
The skin creases of the human body are features of great anatomical, morphological, and surgical interest and important for the maintenance of the contour of each anatomic area. In the literature, when referring to a skin crease, there is variation of terms used other than “crease,” such as “fold” and “sulcus,” but these terms do not accurately reflect(More)
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