Andreas Maletti

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We improve an existing bisimulation minimisation algorithm for tree automata by introducing backward and forward bisimulations and developing minimisation algorithms for them. Minimisation via forward bisimulation is also effective for deterministic automata and faster than the previous algorithm. Minimisation via backward bisimulation generalises the(More)
Extended top-down tree transducers (transducteurs g en eralis es descendants [Arnold, Dauchet: Bi-transductions de forêts. ICALP'76. Edinburgh University Press. 1976]) received renewed interest in the eld of Natural Language Processing. Here those transducers are extensively and systematically studied. Their main properties are identi ed and their relation(More)
Unfortunately, the class of transformations computed by linear extended top-down tree transducers with regular look-ahead is not closed under composition. It is shown that the class of transformations computed by certain linear bimorphisms coincides with the previously mentioned class. Moreover, it is demonstrated that every linear epsilon-free extended(More)
In this paper we implement bottom-up tree series transducers (tst) over the semiring A with the help of bottom-up weighted tree automata (wta) over an extension of A. Therefore we firstly introduce bottom-up DM-monoid weighted tree automata (DM-wta), which essentially are wta using an operation symbol of a DM-monoid instead of a semiring element as(More)
Extended multi bottom–up tree transducers are defined and investigated. They are an extension of multi bottom–up tree transducers by arbitrary, not just shallow, left-hand sides of rules; this includes rules that do not consume input. It is shown that such transducers, even linear ones, can compute all transformations that are computed by linear extended(More)
We generalise existing forward and backward bisimulation minimisation algorithms for tree automata to weighted tree automata. The obtained algorithms work for all semirings and retain the time complexity of their unweighted variants for all additively cancellative semirings. On all other semirings the time complexity is slightly higher (linear instead of(More)
The rst systematic treatment of weighted extended tree transducers (wxtt) over countably complete semirings is provided. It is proved that the extension in the left-hand sides of a wxtt can be simulated by the inverse of a linear and nondeleting tree homomorphism. In addition, a characterization of weighted tree transformations computed by bottomup wxtt in(More)