Andreas M. Bartels

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Neocortical neurons in vivo are spontaneously active and intracellular recordings have revealed strongly fluctuating membrane potentials arising from the irregular arrival of excitatory and inhibitory synaptic potentials. In addition to these rapid fluctuations, more slowly varying influences from diffuse activation of neuromodulatory systems alter the(More)
Neuromodulation can change not only the mean firing rate of a neuron, but also its pattern of firing. Therefore, a reliable neu-ral coding scheme, whether a rate coding or a spike time based coding, must be robust in a dynamic neuromodulatory environment. The common observation that cholinergic modulation leads to a reduction in spike frequency adaptation(More)
Little is known about the constraints that neuromodulation places upon neural coding. We investigated the relationship between cholinergic modulation of spike timing and rate in a compartment model of a neocortical neuron. Our results suggest that cholinergic modulation of spike timing is directly related to the modulation of spike rate via the insertion of(More)
Since Stanley and Williamson 2001 rejected Ryle's well known di-chotomy of knowing-how and knowing-that and argued for an intel-lectualist approach of knowing-how—i.e. for the thesis that knowing-how can be explained in terms of propositional knowledge—the per-suasiveness of intellectualism has been revisited in various disciplines such as epistemology,(More)
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Cholinergic neurons in the basal forebrain, which innervate all cortical regions [I], modulate neuronal excitability [2, 31 and influence learning and memory [4, 5, 61. Cholinergic reduction of spike freqiiency adaptation in cortical neurons in response to a square pulse input is considered an important mechanism for cholinergic control of neuronal(More)
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