Andreas Möglich

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the transition between these states (Fig. 1). When photons activate channelrhodopsin in its DA state, the channel reaches the O1 state. In conditions of continuous light, channel-rhodopsin reaches an equilibrium consisting of O1 and O2 states. As the O2 state is less permeant for Na + than the O1 state is, the transition from the O1 state to the O2 state(More)
Cellular processes and indeed the survival of entire organisms crucially depend on precise spatiotemporal coordination of a multitude of molecular events. A new tool in cell biology is denoted "optogenetics" which describes the use of genetically encoded, light-gated proteins, i.e. photoreceptors, which perturb and control cellular and organismal behavior(More)
BACKGROUND We have developed the program PERMOL for semi-automated homology modeling of proteins. It is based on restrained molecular dynamics using a simulated annealing protocol in torsion angle space. As main restraints defining the optimal local geometry of the structure weighted mean dihedral angles and their standard deviations are used which are(More)
SUMMARY PERMOL is a new restraint-based program for homology modeling of proteins. Restraints are generated from the information contained in structures of homologous template proteins. Employing the restraints generated by PERMOL, three-dimensional structures are obtained using MD programs such as DYANA or CNS. In contrast to other programs PERMOL is(More)
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