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An ambulatory multimodal cognitive-behavioural treatment programme (MMCBT) for Swedish workers with chronic spinal pain was formally evaluated. The design was a matched cohort study with three repeated measures done in two groups of 35 referred patients (one exposed to MMCBT and controls exposed to usual care). The MMCBT package includes standardised(More)
Leukaemia cases among European UN soldiers in the Balkans have been related hypothetically to exposure to depleted uranium. This study was performed to investigate the risk of cancer among Swedish personnel (8750 men and 438 women) involved in UN missions in the Balkans 1989-99. The overall incidence of cancer was slightly higher than expected; 34 cancers(More)
BACKGROUND Unemployment is associated with increased risk of mortality. It is, however, not clear to what extent this is causal, or whether other risk factors remain uncontrolled for. The aim of this study was to investigate the association between unemployment and all-cause and cause-specific mortality, adjusting for indicators of mental disorder,(More)
Low cognitive ability in late adolescence has previously been shown to be associated with disability pension (DP) in young adulthood. However, most DP's are granted later in working life, and the mechanisms of the association are not fully understood. We aimed to investigate the association between cognitive ability in late adolescence and DP at ages 40-59,(More)
OBJECTIVES Rates of disability pension are greatly increased among people with low education. This study examines the extent to which associations between education and disability pensions might be explained by differences in working conditions. Information on individuals at age 13 years was used to assess confounding of associations. METHOD Two(More)
One of the proposed causes for the gender gap in longevity is the attitudes and practices culturally prescribed for men, often conceptualised as 'masculinity'. It has also been suggested that paternity leave, indicating a change from breadwinning to caring, could benefit men's lifetime health. In this study, the objective was to examine associations between(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the associations between psychiatric diagnosis in late adolescence in an unselected population and subsequent suicide attempt and suicide during 36-year follow-up. METHOD A total of 49,321 Swedish men conscripted for compulsory military training in 1969/1970, born 1949-1951, were screened for psychiatric disorder and, if detected,(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the association between intelligence and disability pension due to mental, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and substance-use disorders among men and women, and to assess the role of childhood social factors and adulthood work characteristics. METHODS Two random samples of men and women born 1948 and 1953 (n = 10 563 and 9 434),(More)
BACKGROUND Being male constitutes a risk factor for early death, and this may be connected to concepts of masculinity. The objective of the present study was to investigate the association between masculinity rank during late adolescence and mortality patterns in a cohort of 49 321 Swedish men tested for compulsory military training in 1969. METHODS The(More)