Andreas Lingnau

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This paper describes a collaborative experiment in an early learners' classroom, equipped with special software and hardware to support the acquisition of initial reading and writing skills. This 'Computer-integrated Classroom' originated from the EU project NIMIS. Here, a new method to teach 'reading through writing' is supported by a specific software(More)
In this paper we present an approach of enriching grown structures of teaching in German schools with innovative technology and collaborative software tools. Two applications for collaborative modelling and mind mapping will be introduced. Together with a community of secondary school teachers we have elaborated classroom experiments which give an added(More)
In this paper we present a specific phonics based approach to supporting early literacy. The application system is cooperative and embedded in a "computer-integrated classroom". It provides an interactive writing environment using a visual palette of letters associated with icons and synthetic speech feedback for the writing results. Ongoing developments(More)
Enriching existing classroom procedures and established pedagogic methods with computers is in no case a question of the number of computers available. In this paper, we present an approach of augmenting traditional structures of teaching at German schools by using innovative technology and collaborative software tools designed for the specific demands of(More)
Computer-supported collaborative learning has the potential to be an effective learning method for pupils with cognitive disabilities, but there is just little research in this area. A computer-supported environment offers several possibilities to handle the specific demands of this target group, for example, by structuring the learning situation with Floor(More)
—Finding and understanding information is key for children's development. The Internet offers exciting new ways to meet people, learn about different cultures and develop their creative potential. However, children's ability to use the Internet is severely hampered by the lack of appropriate search tools. Most Information Retrieval (IR) systems are designed(More)
Dieser Artikel behandelt Modellierung als wesentlichen Bestandteil eines zeitgemäßen Unterricht insbesondere in struktur-und naturwissenschaftlichen Fächern. Wir präsentieren das Rahmensystem Cool Modes, in das eine Vielzahl von Modellierungsumgebungen integriert sind, die miteinander kombiniert werden können. Dieses Rahmensystem fügt sich in gewachsene(More)