Andreas Leicher

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TRIPLE was designed as a practical rule language for data manipulation applications. Over the last couple of years the language has been deployed in various applications and use case studies. In this paper we first introduce the design principles of TRIPLE and then present some of the applications for which this language has been used.
Reuse is an important topic in software engineering as it promises advantages like faster time-to-market and cost reduction. Reuse of models on an abstract level is more beneficial than on the code level, because these models can be mapped into several technologies and can be adapted according to different requirements. Unfortunately, development tools only(More)
The advent of M2M communication brings with it numerous challenges, including those in security, that traditional communication models have not yet addressed. Particularly, due to their inherent un-guarded, low cost and mass-deployed nature, M2M devices, and wireless communication architectures and solutions for such devices, would invite new threats in(More)
Up to now distribution is barely considered during the design phase. This complicates finding a reasonable trade off between ‘availability’ and ‘load balance’ in a distributed component-based system. Therefore, the Distribution Constraint Language ‘DCL’ is introduced in this paper for expressing distribution requirements during design. This visual language(More)
Component Based Software Engineering is an emerging discipline that aims at improving software development by means of artifact reuse within a systematically applied construction process. The idea of reuse involves integrating components rather than reinventing and reimplementing existing artifacts. Unfortunately, reuse of existing components is a complex(More)
Trusted Computing, used as a security technology, can establish trust between multiple parties. One implementation of Trusted Computing Technology standardized by the Trusted Computing Group is the Trusted Platform Module (TPM). We build on the security provided by the TPM to create a trusted variant of Identity Management Systems based on the popular(More)
Reuse is an important aspect of software engineering that promises advantages like faster time-to-market, cost reduction, better maintainability etc. The software industry focuses on components as commercials off-the-shelf in order to gain reusable assets. However, reuse on the design level usually is not addressed. If we come to perceive models as assets(More)