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Voting Advice Applications (VAAs) render a valuable platform for tackling one of democracy's central challenges: low voter turnout. Studies indicate that lack of information and cost-benefit considerations cause voters to abstain from voting. VAAs are online voting assistance tools which match own political preferences with those of candidates and parties(More)
The use of the Internet now has a specific purpose: to find information. Unfortunately, the amount of data available on the Internet is growing exponentially, creating what can be considered a nearly infinite and ever-evolving network with no discernable structure. This rapid growth has raised the question of how to find the most relevant information. Many(More)
Der Beitrag untersucht soziale und politische Aspekte digitaler politischer Partizipation. Einerseits müssen die Optionen für MyPolitics ausgeschöpft werden, indem Instrumente für elektronische Abstimmungen und Wahlen bereitgestellt werden. Andererseits sollte das Potenzial politischer Partizipation genutzt und Plattformen für OurPolitics gefördert werden.(More)
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