Andreas Kusterer

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Based on electromagnetic simulations as well as on computational fluid dynamics simulations gas-inducing impellers and their magnetic inductive drive were optimized for stirred-tank reactors on a 10 ml-scale arranged in a bioreaction block with 48 bioreactors. High impeller speeds of up to 4,000 rpm were achieved at very small electrical power inputs (63 W(More)
To verify the reproducibility of cultivations of Escherichia coli in novel millilitre-scale bioreactors, fully automated fed-batch cultivation was performed in seven parallel-operated ml-scale bioreactors with an initial volume of 10 ml/reactor. The process was automatically controlled by a liquid-handling system responsible for glucose feeding, titration(More)
Single-use stirred tank bioreactors on a 10-mL scale operated in a magnetic-inductive bioreaction block for 48 bioreactors were equipped with individual stirrer-speed tracing, as well as individual DO- and pH-monitoring and control. A Hall-effect sensor system was integrated into the bioreaction block to measure individually the changes in magnetic field(More)
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