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The haematological parameters (haematocrit, erythrocyte number, haemoglobin concentration, MCHC, MCH, oxygen-carrying capacity, pH, p1/2, Φ, pCO2, pO2) of the Antarctic fish Aethotaxis mitopteryx DeWitt are reported. The erythrocyte number (0.39 × 1012/1) and the haemoglobin concentration (27.8 g/l) were found to be among the lowest values known for(More)
Worldwide, coral reefs are challenged by multiple stressors due to growing urbanization, industrialization and coastal development. Coral reefs along the Thousand Islands off Jakarta, one of the largest megacities worldwide, have degraded dramatically over recent decades. The shift and decline in coral cover and composition has been extensively studied with(More)
Gill dimensions of 27 juvenile and adult Pleuragramma antarcticum from the southern Weddell Sea and of 28 juvenile and adult Notothenia gibberifrons from the South Orkney and South Shetland Islands were estimated. The unit gill area (UGA) of P. antarcticum ranged from 75 to 167 mm2/g (mean=105); gill area index (GAI) and water-blood distance (WBD) were(More)
The complete amino acid sequence of the single haemoglobin of the Antarctic fish Aethotaxis mitopteryx DeWitt has been established by automated repetitive Edman degradation on the intact and cleaved (enzymatically and chemically) α and β chains. A very high sequence identity with other Antarctic fish haemoglobins has been detected. The haemoglobin has a(More)
We discuss artificial photonic antenna systems that are built by incorporating chromophores into one-dimensional nanochannel materials and by organizing the latter in specific ways. Zeolite L (ZL) is an excellent host for the supramolecular organization of different kinds of molecules and complexes. The range of possibilities for filling its one-dimensional(More)
Sequential insertion of different dyes into the 1D channels of zeolite L (ZL) leads to supramolecular sandwich structures and allows the formation of sophisticated antenna composites for light harvesting, transport, and trapping. The synthesis and properties of dye molecules, host materials, composites, and composites embedded in polymer matrices, including(More)
Jakarta Bay, next to the Jakarta Metropolitan Area with around 30 million inhabitants, is facing extreme pollution. Although local coral reefs are degraded and marine resources heavily exploited, they provide livelihoods for millions of people. This study investigates anthropogenic pressures on local fisheries resources and associated livelihoods.(More)
Holothuria scabra is the most valued and cultured tropical sea cucumber, given the great demand of this species for human consumption. However, despite its ecological and economic relevance, little is known regarding its immune responses under thermal stress. Here, the main goal was to study the response of sea cucumbers to temperature stress, assessing(More)
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were determined in the surface sediments and in the sea cucumbers (Holothuria leucospilota and Stichopus hermanni) from around six Islands in the northern parts of Persian Gulf. The ranges of the average concentrations of PAHs in surface sediments, H. leucospilota and S. hermanni were 10.33-186.16ngg(-1) dw,(More)