Andreas Kräußling

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This article presents four different approaches for identifying persons during tracking. The ability to keep track of people is essential for mobile robots which provide services to humans. The tracking task is usually carried out using range measuring devices like laser range sensors, which provide spatial information only. They allow to estimate the(More)
This work addresses the problem of metrics for multi-robot systems. It is often desirable to compare different strategies or algorithms for similar problems, e.g. mapping or localization. Since these are often real time applications, classical criterions like time or space complexity are not very helpful. Several other metrics have been suggested. In this(More)
Tracking extended targets is of central interest in mobile robotics as it is a prerequisite for interaction with the environment. There are significant differences between tracking punctiform targets and tracking extended targets. Most of the existing algorithms assume the targets to be punctiform, which is not always suitable. In recent years, two advanced(More)
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