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MOTIVATION Prior biological knowledge greatly facilitates the meaningful interpretation of gene-expression data. Causal networks constructed from individual relationships curated from the literature are particularly suited for this task, since they create mechanistic hypotheses that explain the expression changes observed in datasets. RESULTS We present(More)
In recent years the development of automotive embedded devices has changed from an electrical and mechanical engineering discipline to a combination of software and electrical/mechanical engineering. The effects of this change on development processes, methods, and tools as well as on required engineering skills were very significant and are still ongoing(More)
The Notch signaling pathway is an important regulation system for the development and self-renewal of different tissues. A specific feature of this signaling cascade is the function of Notch as a surface receptor and regulator of gene expression. Hence, Notch activation and signal transduction requires the proteolytic release of the Notch intracellular(More)
We present a new method (fFLASH) for the virtual screening of compound databases that is based on explicit three-dimensional molecular superpositions. fFLASH takes the torsional flexibility of the database molecules fully into account, and can deal with an arbitrary number of conformation-dependent molecular features. The method utilizes a(More)
Knowledge of immune system and host-pathogen pathways can inform development of targeted therapies and molecular diagnostics based on a mechanistic understanding of disease pathogenesis and the host response. We investigated the feasibility of rapid target discovery for novel broad-spectrum molecular therapeutics through comprehensive systems biology(More)
A three-dimensional field-based similarity search and alignment method for flexible molecules is introduced. The conformational space of a flexible molecule is represented in terms of fragments and torsional angles of allowed conformations. A user-definable property field is used to compute features of fragment pairs. Features are generalizations of CoMMA(More)
Torsional-space Monte Carlo simulations of flexible molecules are usually based on the assumption that all values of dihedral angles have equal probability in the absence of atomic interactions. In the present paper it is shown that this assumption is not valid. Thermodynamic sampling using dihedral angles or other internal coordinates has to account for(More)
Notch signaling has a pivotal role in numerous cell-fate decisions, and its aberrant activity leads to developmental disorders and cancer. To identify molecules that influence Notch signaling, we screened nearly 17,000 compounds using automated microscopy to monitor the trafficking and processing of a ligand-independent Notch-enhanced GFP (eGFP) reporter.(More)
Export out of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) involves the Sar1 and COPII machinery acting at ER exit sites (ERES). Whether and how cargo proteins are recruited upstream of Sar1 and COPII is unclear. Two models are conceivable, a recruitment model where cargo is actively transported through a transport factor and handed over to the Sar1 and COPII machinery(More)