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Cross-national and multilevel correlates of partner violence: an analysis of data from population-based surveys.
BACKGROUND On average, intimate partner violence affects nearly one in three women worldwide within their lifetime. But the distribution of partner violence is highly uneven, with a prevalence ofExpand
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The state intervenes in the battle of the sexes: Causal effects of paternity leave
Abstract Do family policies influence attitudes and behavior or are they merely reflections of pre-existing attitudes? We consider the implementation of the Norwegian daddy quota, 4 weeks of parentalExpand
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The law and economics of international sex slavery: prostitution laws and trafficking for sexual exploitation
International trafficking in humans for sexual exploitation is an economic activity driven by profit motives. Laws regarding commercial sex influence the profitability of trafficking and may thusExpand
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Does Informal Eldercare Impede Women's Employment? The Case of European Welfare States
Abstract European states vary in eldercare policies and in gendered norms of family care, and this study uses these variations to gain insight into the importance of macro-level factors for theExpand
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African Mining, Gender, and Local Employment
It is a contentious issue whether large scale mining creates local employment, and the sector has been accused of hurting women’s labor supply and economic opportunities. This paper uses the rapidExpand
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Resources and Intimate Partner Violence in Sub-Saharan Africa
Combining DHS data for 580,000 women from 30 different countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, we analyze how both the incidence and the acceptance of intimate partner violence vary across time and space,Expand
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Chinese Aid and Local Corruption
Considering the mounting criticisms concerning Chinese aid practices, the present paper investigates whether Chinese aid projects fuel local-level corruption in Africa. To this end, we geographicallyExpand
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The Gender Gap in African Political Participation: Testing Theories of Individual and Contextual Determinants
Abstract This article aims to test whether existing theories of what factors underlie the gender gap in political participation apply in an African context. Empirical estimations drawing on recentExpand
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Mineral Mining and Female Employment
We use the rapid expansion of the number of mineral mines in Sub-Saharan Africa to explore changes in local labor markets. Matching over two decades of panel data on industrial mines to survey dataExpand
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Gender Equity and Prostitution: An Investigation of Attitudes in Norway and Sweden
Abstract This contribution assesses attitudes toward prostitution in Norway and Sweden, where it is illegal to buy sex. Sweden's law was put into place in 1999, and Norway followed in 2009. TheseExpand
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