Andreas Koten

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In this work experimental data of thick MOS gate oxides (25 nm) of a state of the art 90 nm technology are assessed for degradation from plasma induced charging (PID). It is demonstrated that the type of stress measurement and the data analysis approach are crucial for the interpretation of the experimental data and for lifetime estimation. Two PID stress(More)
The effect of plasma process induced charging of remote circuit blocks and consequently the reliability damage on a single MOS transistor which is connected to such a circuit block is demonstrated for the first time. Traditional methods of characterizing gate electrode antennas do not cover this topic. A new product relevant plasma-induced damage test(More)
The survival, and the patterns and mechanisms of failure of 41 patients with pure testicular seminoma treated at the Northern Israel Oncology Center from 1968 to 1983 were analyzed. The actuarial 5-year survival of all patients was 85.4% and of stage I patients, 92.2%. Treatment failures were analyzed. The following conclusions were reached: in order to(More)
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