Andreas Kosmatopoulos

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The top-k dominating query returns the k database objects with the highest score with respect to their dominance score. The dominance score of an object p is simply the number of objects dominated by p, based on minimization or maximization preferences on the attribute values. Each object (tuple) is represented as a point in a multidimensional space, and(More)
The exploration of cultural heritage through well-designed virtual worlds has met an increase in popularity within the last decade. More and more well-known museums around the globe have started to spend funds in order to build systems with which users can virtually navigate through the museums' exhibits. Technological breakthroughs in graphics design and(More)
Most modern networks are perpetually evolving and can be modeled by graph data structures. By collecting and indexing the state of a graph at various time instances we are able to perform queries on its entire history and thus gain insight into its fundamental features and attributes. This calls for advanced solutions for graph history storing and indexing(More)
The skyline of a set P of points (SKY (P )) consists of the "best" points with respect to minimization or maximization of the attribute values. A point p dominates another point q if p is as good as q in all dimensions and it is strictly better than q in at least one dimension. In this work, we focus on the static 2-d space and provide expected performance(More)
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