Andreas Koch

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The objective of this study was to evaluate the marginal quality and resin–resin transition of milled CAD/CAM glass–ceramic inlays in deep proximal cavities with and without 3-mm proximal box elevation (PBE) using resin composites before and after thermomechanical loading. MOD cavities with one proximal box beneath the cementoenamel junction were prepared(More)
The first mission using space-borne single-pass-interferometry was launched in February this year – the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM). The goal of this mission has been to survey the Earth’s surface and generating a homogeneous and dense elevation data set of the entire world. Antennas with two different wavelength were used. One of the hardware(More)
– In February 2000 the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) was flown on board the space shuttle Endeavour. The aim of the mission was to survey about sixty percent of the complete landmasses of the Earth’s surface [2]. During the mission US C-band antenna and a German/Italian Xband antenna were installed on board the shuttle. The main result of the(More)
Today’s needs to reduce the environmental impact of energy use impose dramatic changes for energy infrastructure and existing demand patterns (e.g. buildings) corresponding to their specific context. In addition, future energy systems are expected to integrate a considerable share of fluctuating power sources and equally a high share of distributed(More)
This paper aims to better understand the theoretical heat-energy demand of different types of urban form at a scale of 500 by 500 metres. The empirical basis of this study includes samples of dominant residential building typologies identified for Paris, London, Berlin and Istanbul. In addition, archetypal idealised samples were created for each type(More)
The variety of applications and especially the unique European XFEL time structure will require adequate instrumentation to be developed to exploit the full potential of the light source. Two-dimensional integrating X-ray detectors with ultra-fast read out up to 4.5 MHz for 1024 x 1024 pixel images are under development for a variety of imaging(More)
Presently EuroSDR, controlled by the Technical University of Berlin, is conducting a test on competitive information extraction from state of the art airborne multi-polarised SAR imagery (C, X and L – band) and high resolution optical imagery of the same area. The test envisages 3 stages, namely visual interpretation and map compilation, automatic object(More)
Aim. To measure and validate the permeability of pressure changes in correlation to different root filling techniques. Methods. Eighty extracted single-rooted teeth were randomly assigned to one of eight groups of ten teeth. Following standardized instrumentation and irrigation, root canal fillings were performed using either cold lateral condensation, a(More)
Full-angle spatial compounding (FASC) is a concept for pulse-echo imaging using an ultrasound tomography (UST) system. With FASC, resolution is increased and speckles are suppressed by averaging pulse-echo data from 360°. In vivo investigations have already shown a great potential for 2-D FASC in the female breast as well as for finger-joint imaging.(More)