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Stochastic interdependence of a probablility distribution on a product space is measured by its Kullback-Leibler distance from the exponential family of product distributions (called multi-information). Here we investigate low-dimensional exponential families that contain the maximizers of stochastic interdependence in their closure. Based on a detailed(More)
We present numerical and analytical evidence for a rst-order phase transition of the ferromagnetic spin chain with partition function Z() = (? 1)==() at the inverse temperature cr = 2. In a recent paper 6] we established a link between analytic number theory and classical statistical mechanics by interpreting the quotient Z(s) = (s ? 1)==(s) of Riemann zeta(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment of type 4 hiatal hernia using a minimally invasive approach is challenging and requires good familiarity with this technique. METHODS From October 1992 to August 2010, 40 patients with a median age of 68 years underwent laparoscopic anterior hemifundoplication surgery for upside-down stomach and were included in our prospective study.(More)
We study a curve of Gibbsian families of complex 3 × 3-matrices and point out new features, absent in commutative finite-dimensional algebras: a discontinuous maximum-entropy inference, a discontinuous entropy distance and non-exposed faces of the mean value set. We analyze these problems from various aspects including convex geometry, topology and(More)