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An algorithm for the solution of a semismooth system of equations with box constraints is described. The method is an affine-scaling trust-region method. All iterates generated by this method are strictly feasible. In this way, possible domain violations outside or on the boundary of the box are avoided. The method is shown to have strong global and local(More)
A class of new affine-scaling interior-point Newton-type methods are considered for the solution of optimization problems with bound constraints. The methods are shown to be locally quadratically convergent under the strong second order sufficiency condition without assuming strict complementarity of the solution. The new methods differ from previous ones(More)
This paper proposes efficient analytical models to dimension the required transport bandwidths for the Long Term Evolution (LTE) access network for the elastic Internet traffic (which is carried by the TCP protocol). The dimensioning models are based on the use of Processor Sharing queuing theory to guarantee a desired end-to-end application QoS target. For(More)
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