Andreas Klipstein

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Musculoskeletal disorders in the neck and shoulder area are a major occupational concern in the European countries especially among elderly females. The aim was to assess these disorders based on quantitative EMG indicators and functional tests. 252 female computer users (45-68 years) were recruited from four European countries in two contrast groups: (1)(More)
The Cinderella hypothesis postulates the continuous activity of specific motor units (MUs) during low-level muscle contraction. The MUs may become metabolically overloaded, with the subject developing muscle pain and strain. The hypothesis requires MUs that are active for a time long enough to actually damage muscle fibers. The aim of this study was to(More)
The aim of the study was to investigate the relationship between a fatigue-induced increase of perceived exertion in the neck with a decrease of mean power frequency (MPF) in the surface electromyography (sEMG) signal during repeated shoulder elevation endurance tasks. About Thirty-two healthy women (age range 20-62) performed two maximum 6-min shoulder(More)
BACKGROUND Recent studies have shown that personal best marathon time is a strong predictor of race time in male ultramarathoners. We aimed to determine variables predictive of marathon race time in recreational male marathoners by using the same characteristics of anthropometry and training as used for ultramarathoners. METHODS Anthropometric and(More)
The aim of the present study was to test a structural model of the relationship between the perceived quantitative (time pressure and unevenly distributed workload) and emotional work demands and self-reported musculoskeletal symptoms from the neck and shoulder region with felt stress (rested, relaxed, calm, tense, stressed, and pressured at the end of a(More)
To find out whether segmental magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings such as intervertebral disc degeneration (DD) and facet joint osteoarthritis (FJO) are associated with motion deficiencies as seen in common mobility tests and observed range of motion (ROM). A total of 112 female subjects, nurses and office workers, with and without low back pain, were(More)
Einleitung Die intramuskuläre Elektromyographie wird in der klinischen Anwendung weitgehend für die Diagnose von Muskel-und Nervenkrankheiten verwendet. Es werden kurzzeitige gemessene Signale (Messdauer ca. 10 Sekunden) unter konstanter Muskelbelastung analysiert. Die gemessenen Signale bestehen aus Muskelfaseraktionspotentialen verschiedener Motorischer(More)
The aim of this study was to test the reliability and validity of a preferred-standing test for measuring the risk of falling. The preferred-standing position of elderly fallers and non-fallers and healthy young adults was measured. The maximal BSW was measured. The absolute and relative reliability and discriminant validity were assessed. The expanded(More)
BACKGROUND The work incapacity of ankylosing spondylitis (AS) ranges between 3% and 50% in Europe. In many countries, work incapacity is difficult to quantify. The work ability index (WAI) is applied to measure the work ability in workers, but it is not well investigated in patients. AIMS To investigate the work incapacity in terms of absence days in(More)
Work-related musculoskeletal disorders in the neck-shoulder area and upper extremities are common among computer users, especially women. We compared temporal changes of motor unit (MU) activation in the trapezius muscle during finger tapping using both appropriate and inappropriate ergonomic desk adjustments. Sixteen intensive and nonintensive computer(More)