Andreas Kjellin

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Time-varying geospatial data presents some specific challenges for visualization. Here, we report the results of three experiments aiming at evaluating the relative efficiency of three existing visualization techniques for a class of such data. The class chosen was that of object movement, especially the movements of vehicles in a fictitious landscape. Two(More)
Summary) New technologies and techniques allow novel kinds of visualizations and different types of 3D visualizations are constantly developed. We propose a categorization of 3D visualizations and, based on this categorization, evaluate two versions of a space-time cube that show discrete spatiotemporal data. The two visualization techniques used are a(More)
Controlling dynamic processes is a task that is increasingly important in many areas. A possible visualization technique for time-dependent events is animation. However, there are to our knowledge no data available on how different animation speeds affect the performance of human decision makers when trying to discover complex patterns in animations. An(More)
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