Andreas Kiefer

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The lack of obvious morphological differences between species impedes the identification of species in many groups of organisms. Meanwhile, DNA-based approaches are increasingly used to survey biological diversity. In this study we show that sequencing the mitochondrial protein-coding gene NADH dehydrogenase, subunit 1 (nd1) from 534 bats of the Western(More)
Our study shows that endangered Bechstein'sbats utilise distinct habitats at differentstages of their reproductive cycle, a findingthat has implications how habitat should beselected for preservation. Using nuclear andmitochondrial microsatellite DNA markers wecompared gene diversity of Bechstein's batswithin breeding colonies and at potentialmating sites.(More)
With rates of climate change exceeding the rate at which many species are able to shift their range or adapt, it is important to understand how future changes are likely to affect biodiversity at all levels of organisation. Understanding past responses and extent of niche conservatism in climatic tolerance can help predict future consequences. We use an(More)
Magnetically separable mesostructured silica with an unobstructed pore system was fabricated through the deposition of cobalt nanoparticles on the outer surface of the submicron-sized silica particles. These cobalt nanoparticles were further protected by a nanometer-thick carbon shell against acid erosion. Due to the fact that the magnetic particles are(More)
The urodelan genus Lyciasalamandra, which inhabits a relatively small area along the southern Turkish coast and some Aegean islands, provides an outstanding example of a diverse but phylogenetically unresolved taxon. Molecular trees contain a single basal polytomy that could be either soft or hard. We here use the information of nuclear (allozymes) and(More)
Computing tight performance bounds in feed-forward networks under general assumptions about arrival and server models has turned out to be a challenging problem. Recently it was even shown to be NP-hard [1]. We now address this problem in a heuristic fashion, building on a procedure for computing provably tight bounds under simple traffic and server models.(More)
The introduction of new computing paradigms in the Internet as well as the increasing size and complexity of services and resources demand the development of new approaches for defining and monitoring service levels. It is often necessary to keep track of multiple concurrent service level requirements. In this paper we present a service level monitoring(More)
The authors monitored five maternity colonies of Plecotus austriacus to obtain data about phenology, roosting, and emergence behaviour. The bats occupied their roosts between April and October, with maximum colony sizes in August. Roosting sites in the attic’s roof ridge and temperatures of 20–25°C were favoured. Also considering the small colony (maximum(More)
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