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Seasonal nestmate recognition in the ant Formica exsecta
Under favorable conditions, the mound-building ant Formica exsecta may form polydomous colonies and can establish large nest aggregations. The lack of worker aggression towards nonnestmateExpand
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The role of molehills and grasses for filial nest founding in the wood ant Formica exsecta (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)
In polydomous populations of the wood ant Formica exsecta filial nest founding is common. This is relevant for colony dynamics, short-distance dispersal and colony survival. However, little is knownExpand
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Size matters: mole (Talpa europaea) hills and nest-site selection of the ant Formica exsecta
Moles are fossorial mammals that can act both as zoogeomorphic agents and species diversity drivers. These popular animals regularly push heaps of earth from their subterranean tunnel systems to theExpand
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