Andreas Katsiotis

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Retrotransposons make up a major fraction--sometimes more than 40%--of all plant genomes investigated so far. We have isolated the reverse transcriptase domains of the Ty1-copia group elements from several species, ranging in genome size from some 100 Mbp to 23,000 Mbp, and determined the distribution patterns of these retrotransposons on metaphase(More)
As a counterweight to genetic erosion, landraces could become important germplasm resources for breeding. In the present study the genetic diversity of 62 Greek and Eastern European oat accessions (seven cultivars and 55 common and red oat landraces collected from 1904 to 1960) was studied using simple sequence repeats and 31 morphological descriptors. High(More)
The present work aimed to investigate the genetic structure of 11 edible herbs grown in the wild of eastern Crete that are becoming vulnerable due to habitat destruction and unregulated harvesting. Thirty three populations (268 individuals) of Reichardia picroides, Scolymus hispanicus, Scandix pecten-veneris, Leontodon tuberosus, Cichorium spinosum, Sonchus(More)
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