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A framework for pragmatic analysis is proposed which treats discourse as a game, with context as a scoreboard organized around the questions under discussion by the interlocutors. The framework is intended to be coordinated with a dynamic compositional semantics. Accordingly, the context of utterance is modeled as a tuple of different types of information,(More)
, the subcategorized arguments of a head are stored on a single ordered list, the subcat list. However, Borsley (1989) argues that there are various deficiencies in this approach, and suggests that the unified list should be split into separate lists for subjects, complements, and specifiers. This proposal has been widely adopted in what is colloquially(More)
To date, studies of deceptive speech have largely been confined to descriptive studies and observations from subjects, researchers , or practitioners, with few empirical studies of the specific lexical or acoustic/prosodic features which may characterize deceptive speech. We present results from a study seeking to distinguish deceptive from non-deceptive(More)
Sign-Based Morphology and Phonology with special attention to Optimality Theory In this dissertation, I develop Sign-Based Morphology, a novel, comprehensive, declarative theory of the phonology-morphology interface. Theories of morphology are traditionally assigned one of the following classifications: Item-and-Arrangement, Item-and-Process, and(More)
This paper describes a prototype system for near-real-time spontaneous, bidirectional translation between spoken English and Pashto, a language presenting many technological challenges because of its lack of resources, including both data and expert knowledge. Development of the prototype is ongoing, and we propose to demonstrate a fully functional version(More)
One of the recent tasks for machine translation research has been development of translation capabilities in a time frame as short as 100 days. Such a task requires developers to consider what can be done with relatively small amounts of data in a small time frame. This inherently limits the type and complexity of the effort to be devoted to this task. In(More)
We study the question of how intrinsic variations (associated with the speaker rather than the recording environment) affect text-independent speaker verification performance. Experiments using the SRI-FRTIV corpus, which systematically varies both vocal effort and speaking style, reveal that (1) " furtive " speech poses a significant challenge; (2)(More)
English 'dative-movement' or 'ditransitive' phenomena are examined within both a non-monotonic approach to Construction Grammar (CG) influenced by Cognitive Linguistics and a monotonic CG approach. It is argued that the latter gives better empirical coverage and is theoretically simpler. Also an account of the argument/adjunct distinction is developed(More)