Andreas Karatsolis

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Software system documentation has been an integral part of the development process since the first efforts to design and implement large and robust systems. However, the focus of this documentation typically has been limited to the production of discrete artifacts, despite the richness of data and genres that surround it. Efforts to develop a robust(More)
In the last decade or so, the ACM, the IEEE and other organizations have acknowledged that there is a problem with the way communication is taught in the Computer Science curriculum: the writing, speaking, and presentation skills students learn in the classroom do not match what is expected of them in the workplace. The proposed solution, adopted by many(More)
The paper presents ongoing work on the ALADDIN project, a 3-year endeavor that involves the re-conceptualization of the standard Arabic language learning curriculum for kindergarten students in Qatar, supported by a comprehensive technology-enhanced learning framework. The curriculum, scheduled for September '13, follows an adapted version of the(More)
Graphical abstracts---visual representations of the central concepts in an article---are emerging as a genre in STEM fields. Originally used in Chemistry to represent the primary molecules and reactions under investigation, graphical abstracts have spread to other science and engineering fields, and in the process have evolved significantly, adapting for(More)