Andreas Kamper

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BACKGROUND Accurate prediction of peptide immunogenicity and characterization of relation between peptide sequences and peptide immunogenicity will be greatly helpful for vaccine designs and understanding of the immune system. In contrast to the prediction of antigen processing and presentation pathway, the prediction of subsequent T-cell reactivity is a(More)
While evolutionary algorithms (EAs) have many advantages, they have to evaluate a relatively large number of candidate solutions before producing good results, which directly translates into a substantial demand for computing power. This disadvantage is somewhat compensated by the ease of parallelizing EAs. While only few people have access to a dedicated(More)
As CO 2 emissions and sustainable energy production have entered the focus of attention in politics and industry, ecologically advantageous alternatives are strongly promoted. We address virtual power plants from an information technological, economic and legal perspective in order to enable decentralized sustainable generation. For the realization of(More)
Im Energiesystem ist der Ausgleich von Ungleichgewichten zwischen Erzeugung und Verbrauch eine wesentliche Aufgabe. Diese sogenannte Regelenergie wird hauptsächlich von Großkraftwerken bereitgestellt, welche ihre Leistung entsprechend anpassen. Zusätzlich zu den Großkraftwerken werden auch mittlere Kraftwerke oder größere schaltbare Lasten eingesetzt. In(More)