Andreas Köppel

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Managing a highly connected and heterogeneous computing environment requires the federation of various management systems (managers) across different platforms, technologies and systems. This research work is focusing on a generic manager-to-manager (M2M) Interface, which enables a seamless cooperation between autonomous managers on the basis of Web(More)
An increasing number of organisations decide to promote their core competence only. So, they outsource the required IT Services to an IT service provider and negotiate a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which is the contract between the provider and the organisation (customer). One of the major problems of SLA negotiation is the knowledge gap between provider(More)
We describe new extensions to the CIM Metrics Model. While the previous version of the model provides a means to carry out response time measurements against an application, the scope of the work described in this paper is to define schema extensions capable of measuring and tracing distributed transactions. The model has been developed by the Application(More)
The provision of quality-assured IT services through a service provider requires that all IT components involved in these services can be managed in an efficient and effective way. The necessary management infrastructure must be adapted to these IT components and must be standard-based to allow its integration into an overall management environment. The(More)
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