Andreas Josef Wagner

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This paper describes a new research initiative addressing the issue of sustainability of linguistic resources. This initiative is a cooperation between three linguistic collaborative research centres in Germany, which comprise more than 40 individual research projects altogether. These projects are involved in creating manifold language resources,(More)
In this paper, I present a method for learning thematic role relations (selectional preferences) for wordnets by means of statistical corpus analysis. An evaluation on a gold standard, which I extracted from EuroWordNet, shows that this method achieves a learning accuracy of up to 77%. I also propose a preprocessing step for a partial lexical disambiguation(More)
The software system for modeling and simulation of the processes of electric power conversion in Photovoltaic-hybrid energy system is described. The electrical models and characteristics of photovoltaic generator and other system components are included in the program algorithm. The application of the developed system is for research of the processes of(More)
In this paper, we investigate the role of sub-optimality in training data for part-of-speech tagging. In particular, we examine to what extent the size of the training corpus and certain types of errors in it affect the performance of the tagger. We distinguish four types of errors: If a word is assigned a wrong tag, this tag can belong to the ambiguity(More)
BACKGROUND The introduction of the European Working Time Directive (EWTD) has greatly reduced training hours of surgical residents, which translates into 30% less surgical and clinical experience. Such a dramatic drop in attendance has serious implications such compromised quality of medical care. As the surgical department of the University of Heidelberg,(More)
In buildings research Monte Carlo (MC) methods are used for uncertainty analyses. This paper presents an alternative approach for uncertainty analysis in buildings, coined the internal method. Here, the joint probability density functions (pdfs) of model outputs are directly computed from pdfs of the inputs. This method needs only a single simulation run to(More)
The increasing amount of data on the Web bears potential for addressing complex information needs more effectively. Instead of keyword search and browsing along links between results, users can specify their needs in terms of complex queries and obtain precise answers right away. However, browsing is also essential on the Web of data as users might not(More)