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Slavic Creation Narratives: The Sacred and the Comic
Abstract Slavic traditional oral literature contains many myths which describe the creation of the world in terms quite different from those of the Biblical account. These myths often involve aExpand
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Baba Yaga: The Ambiguous Mother and Witch of the Russian Folktale
Baba Yaga is a well-known witch from the folklore tradition of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. A fascinating and colorful character, she resembles witches of other traditions but is in many waysExpand
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Beethoven's Houses in Vienna: An Album of Woodblock Prints by Emma Bormann
The prints of Beethovens houses and apartment buildings in V ienna presented on the followingpages are the work of Emma Bormann (1887-1974), a remarkable Viennese artist who is best known for herExpand
Jack V. Haney. The Complete Russian Folktale
Connect, share, discuss: Using Twitter to enhance learning
It started with a tweet! Andrea Johns looks at how Twitter has become a valuable way of connecting, informing and supporting the workforce.