Andreas Johannsen

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Environmental issues such as global warming are an active area of international research and concern today. This case study describes various visualization paradigms that have been developed and applied in an attempt to elucidate the information provided by environmental models and observations. The ultimate goal is to accurately measure the existence of(More)
The fast increasing size of datasets in scientific computing, mechanical engineering, or virtual medicine is quickly exceeding the graphics capabilities of modern computers. Toolkits for the large model visualization address this problem by combining efficient geometric techniques, such as occlusion and visibility culling, mesh reduction, and efficient(More)
This article describes a research project in the area of cooperative telelearning. It summarizes the characteristics and results of a groupware-supported international teleseminar with 14 virtual student groups. On the basis of this field research and a theoretical model, the requirements and advantages of telepresence on effective and efficient learning(More)
At the reunion of the southern part of Jutland with Denmark 1920 danish legislation had to be introduced in the new incorporated region. According to a special law doctors educated in Germany could obtain danish medical authorization, if they were born or established in the region before 1.1.1918, under certain circumstances it was possible to dispense from(More)