Andreas Jocksch

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This paper describes our OpenACC porting efforts for a code that we have developed that solves the isothermal incompressible Navier Stokes equation via the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM). Implemented initially as a hybrid MPI/OpenMP parallel program, we ported our code to use OpenACC in order to obtain the benefit of accelerators in a high performance(More)
We present a portable platform, called PIC ENGINE, for accelerating Particle-In-Cell (PIC) codes on heterogeneous many-core architectures such as Graphic Processing Units (GPUs). The aim of this development is efficient simulations on future exascale systems by allowing different parallelization strategies depending on the application problem and the(More)
  • W Braunschweig, R Gerhards, +74 authors G Zobernig
  • 1988
The reaction e+e ~ # + # has been studied at centre of mass energies between 35.0 and 46.8 GeV using the TASSO detector at PETRA. We presen t measurements of the forward-backward charge asymmetry (Auu) and cross section (o -us) for this reaction at three energies. At 35.0 GeV we obtain a cross section relative to the QED prediction of Rsu = (ass/a ~ = 0.932(More)
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