Andreas J. Peters

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In preparation of the experiment at CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the ALICE collaboration has developed AliEn, a production environment that implements several components of the Grid paradigm needed to simulate, reconstruct and analyse data in a distributed way. Thanks to AliEn, the computing resources of a Virtual Organization can be seen and used as(More)
AliEn (ALICE Environment) is a lightweight GRID framework developed by the Alice Collaboration. When the experiment starts running, it will collect data at a rate of approximately 2 PB per year, producing O(10 9) files per year. All these files, including all simulated events generated during the preparation phase of the experiment, must be accounted and(More)
Among the services offered by the AliEn (ALICE Environment Grid framework there is a virtual file catalogue to allow transparent access to distributed data-sets using various file transfer protocols. alienf s (AliEn File System) integrates the AliEn file catalogue as a new file system type into the Linux kernel using LUFS, a hybrid(More)
The parallel ROOT facility, PROOF, enables the interactive analysis of distributed data sets in a transparent way. It exploits the inherent parallelism in data sets of uncorrelated events via a multi-tier architecture that optimizes I/O and CPU utilization in heterogeneous clusters with distributed storage. On a grid, PROOF can use the available services to(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Social phobia is characterized by avoidance of feared social situations. Although avoidance is a central feature of social anxiety, few studies have examined avoidance learning. METHODS We used a probabilistic instrumental learning paradigm where participants had to learn by trial and error which response led to the disappearance(More)
A new type of beam transformer, based on the principle of a Cryogenic Current Comparator CCC, was built to measure extracted ion beams from the SIS, the heavy ion synchroton at GSI. A current resolution of 0:006 , 0:065 nA= p H z , depending on the frequency range, could be achieved allowing us to measure ion beams with intensities greater than 10 9(More)
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