Andreas J. Peters

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In preparation of the experiment at CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the ALICE collaboration has developed AliEn, a production environment that implements several components of the Grid paradigm needed to simulate, reconstruct and analyse data in a distributed way. Thanks to AliEn, the computing resources of a Virtual Organization can be seen and used as(More)
Among the services offered by the AliEn (ALICE Environment Grid framework there is a virtual file catalogue to allow transparent access to distributed data-sets using various file transfer protocols. alienf s (AliEn File System) integrates the AliEn file catalogue as a new file system type into the Linux kernel using LUFS, a hybrid(More)
The parallel ROOT facility, PROOF, enables the interactive analysis of distributed data sets in a transparent way. It exploits the inherent parallelism in data sets of uncorrelated events via a multi-tier architecture that optimizes I/O and CPU utilization in heterogeneous clusters with distributed storage. On a grid, PROOF can use the available services to(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Social phobia is characterized by avoidance of feared social situations. Although avoidance is a central feature of social anxiety, few studies have examined avoidance learning. METHODS We used a probabilistic instrumental learning paradigm where participants had to learn by trial and error which response led to the disappearance(More)
A new type of beam transformer, based on the principle of a Cryogenic Current Comparator CCC, was built to measure extracted ion beams from the SIS, the heavy ion synchroton at GSI. A current resolution of 0:006 , 0:065 nA= p H z , depending on the frequency range, could be achieved allowing us to measure ion beams with intensities greater than 10 9(More)
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