Andreas J Meyer

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The cellular glutathione redox buffer is assumed to be part of signal transduction pathways transmitting environmental signals during biotic and abiotic stress, and thus is essential for regulation of metabolism and development. Ratiometric redox-sensitive GFP (roGFP) expressed in Arabidopsis thaliana reversibly responds to redox changes induced by(More)
Dynamic analysis of redox-based processes in living cells is now restricted by the lack of appropriate redox biosensors. Conventional redox-sensitive GFPs (roGFPs) are limited by undefined specificity and slow response to changes in redox potential. In this study we demonstrate that the fusion of human glutaredoxin-1 (Grx1) to roGFP2 facilitates specific(More)
Glutathione (GSH) has been implicated in maintaining the cell cycle within plant meristems and protecting proteins during seed dehydration. To assess the role of GSH during development of Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana [L.] Heynh.) embryos, we characterized T-DNA insertion mutants of GSH1, encoding the first enzyme of GSH biosynthesis,(More)
Reduction-oxidation-sensitive green fluorescent protein (roGFP1 and roGFP2) were expressed in different sub-cellular compartments of Arabidopsis and tobacco leaves to empirically determine their performance as ratiometric redox sensors for confocal imaging in planta. A lower redox-dependent change in fluorescence in combination with reduced excitation(More)
Glutathione (GSH) homeostasis in plants is essential for cellular redox control and efficient responses to abiotic and biotic stress. Compartmentation of the GSH biosynthetic pathway is a unique feature of plants. The first enzyme, gamma-glutamate cysteine ligase (GSH1), responsible for synthesis of gamma-glutamylcysteine (gamma-EC), is, in Arabidopsis,(More)
The role of sulfite reductase (SiR) in assimilatory reduction of inorganic sulfate to sulfide has long been regarded as insignificant for control of flux in this pathway. Two independent Arabidopsis thaliana T-DNA insertion lines (sir1-1 and sir1-2), each with an insertion in the promoter region of SiR, were isolated. sir1-2 seedlings had 14% SiR transcript(More)
Proline transporters (ProTs) mediate transport of the compatible solutes Pro, glycine betaine, and the stress-induced compound gamma-aminobutyric acid. A new member of this gene family, AtProT3, was isolated from Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana), and its properties were compared to AtProT1 and AtProT2. Transient expression of fusions of AtProT and the(More)
In Arabidopsis thaliana, trichome cells are specialized unicellular structures with uncertain functions. Based on earlier observations that one of the genes involved in cysteine biosynthesis (Atcys-3A) is highly expressed in trichomes, we have extended our studies in trichome cells to determine their capacity for glutathione (GSH) biosynthesis. First, we(More)
Redox biochemistry is increasingly recognized as an integral component of cellular signal processing and cell fate decision making. Unfortunately, our capabilities to observe and measure clearly defined redox processes in the natural context of living cells, tissues, or organisms are woefully limited. The most advanced and promising tools for specific,(More)